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Robert Redd: Links

Steve Abshire
Robert works often with this extraordinary jazz guitarist.
Chuck Redd
Drummer & vibraphonist extraordinaire- and who happens to be Robert's brother.
John Jensen
One of the most in-demand trombonists on the scene today.
Michael T. Jones
In addition to being an amazing piano player, Michael is an arranger for QRS Music Technologies in Buffalo, NY. Robert and Michael play several piano duo concerts a year celebrating their recording, “Redd-Jones”.
The Mainstay
Robert performs at least once a month at The Mainstay, usually as a member of the house band known as “Max ‘n Friends”. Located in a 100-year-old building on Main Street, The Mainstay is a cultural and artistic center for Rock Hall, a historic “waterman’s” town on the Upper Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. It is a listening room that is almost as comfortable as your living room. The audiences range from local Rock Hallers to those who find their way here from Philadelphia, Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington DC and beyond. The Mainstay offers more than 40 concerts a year and is a unique venue that is always a wonderful experience!
Sue Matthews
Always a fun experience being on stage with Sue. A great vocalist with whom Robert has the pleasure of working with often.
Tom Mitchell
Tom and Robert always have a great time playing together, whether it’s a duo, big band, or anything in between, including the many recording sessions they’ve been on together. Tom is a wonderful guitarist and vocalist with a unique repertoire.
Marty Nau
Alto saxophone playing does not get much more exciting than this. A master of the be-bop repertoire and a fantastic clarinet player too. Robert has been a member of Marty’s quartet for many years and appears on four of his Cds.
Wolf Trap
As a member of the Wolf Trap Trio (formerly The Keter Betts Trio), Robert performs about twenty-five shows a year, introducing live music to young audiences through interactive performance and demonstrations. The Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts is an internationally respected program that provides innovative arts-based teaching strategies and services to early childhood teachers, caregivers, parents, and their children from 0 to 5 through the disciplines of drama, music, and movement. The institute’s local, national, and worldwide programs impact the lives of more than 75,000 children, parents, educators, artists, and students.